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Q – 2303 Leather Shoulder Bag


The rivet leather shoulder bag is a special accessory that offers a bold and stylish look. Made from high-quality leather that can also be used as a strapless handbag, this shoulder bag combines durability and elegance. The studded details accentuate the bag's character and style, adding a modern and eye-catching touch.

• Our products are hand-stitched from vegetable-tanned calf leather using traditional leathercraft methods to ensure durability over many years.

• Adjustable leather strap (contact us for a short strap suitable for underarm use, outside standard measurements).

• One main compartment (for phone, keys, wallet, etc.), with a separate compartment inside for money, cards, etc.

• Unlined.

• Flip-open/close buckle closure.

• Width: 20 cm - Height: 11 cm - Side volume: 3.5 cm - Inner compartment: 17x8cm.

• Leather is a natural product. Each leather exhibits unique textual differences, marks, color variations, and natural textures created by scars, thorns, and brush marks, representing the natural beauty and uniqueness of the leather.

• Leather should not be exposed to water or chemical substances (perfume, deodorant, makeup products, sweat, etc.), as it can cause permanent damage to the product.

• When used correctly, leather will age with you and its beauty will increase over time.

It will be handcrafted especially for you.

Wishing you enjoy using it.....

  • What is Vegetable Leather?

    Vegetal leather represents the most traditional form of tanning, distinguished by a prolonged and intricate production process lasting up to forty days. This process exclusively relies on natural materials like chestnut tree bark, setting it apart from standard leathers. As vegetable-tanned leather is crafted with minimal chemical usage, it minimizes potential health risks, including allergies, and contributes to a reduced environmental impact. Rare in its combination of high quality and environmental friendliness, vegetable tanning follows techniques handed down by master craftsmen over decades.

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