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Qaf is a brand that bears the traces of leather mastery. In each of our products, we reflect timeless elegance with carefully selected genuine leather and hand craftsmanship. 

Each piece made by our masters is designed and produced with the aim of keeping our craft tradition alive. While we stand out from fashion trends with our minimalist approach, we also stand out with our environmental awareness and durability.
At Qaf, we are committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly values. Therefore, we use environmentally friendly materials in the production process and take care to minimize waste. Shaped by hand and with love, each of our products is designed and produced in accordance with quality standards. Our aim is to offer our customers stylish and original pieces that they can use for many years.

about us

Deri çanta ve aksesuear
Deri çanta ve aksesuar

Our values



At Qaf, we see sustainability as a fundamental part of our business. When producing our products, we take care to protect natural resources, use recyclable materials and minimize the amount of waste. Sustainability is an indication of our commitment to leaving a better world for future generations.

Hand Production:


Craftsmanship is one of Qaf's core values. Each of our products is produced with care and love by master craftsmen. Handcrafting is a process that reveals the uniqueness and quality of each piece. Our products, handcrafted in every detail, are meticulously shaped to offer you the highest level of quality.


We adopt an environmentally friendly approach to protect nature and the environment. When producing our products, we use environmentally friendly materials and prioritize the protection of natural resources. We also optimize our production processes with environmentally friendly methods. Thus, we take steps for a more sustainable future by minimizing our environmental impact.


Qaf products focus on durability and longevity. Each piece we produce with genuine leather and hand craftsmanship is designed and produced in accordance with our quality standards. By using durable materials, we ensure that our products are designed to last and retain their shape for years to come. For us, durability is a commitment to providing quality and long-term use to our customers.

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