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Handmade leather art.

Take a look at our collection produced with traditional hand saddlery craftsmanship.

Our collections
deri modası

The natural beauty of the leather.

Qaf, produced by hand craftsmanship, is a brand that keeps tradition alive. Our products made of genuine leather are unique pieces that you can use for many years with their timeless designs and high quality materials. Adopting the values of being sustainable and environmentally friendly, Qaf gives a new meaning to leather.

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Very       Sellers

"Handcraftsmanship and genuine leather offer a unique elegance. Its sustainability and environmentally friendly approach is also admirable. I would happily recommend it, care and passion is felt in every piece."

Ahsen A.

"Attention to detail reveals the uniqueness of the products. Additionally, customer service was extremely attentive and helpful. I will definitely shop again!”

Hazal Ö.

"As a brand that embraces true handcraftsmanship, it has a special place for me. Its designs are timeless and original. Qaf's passion and care can be felt in every product, from the smallest to the largest." 

Janset K.

"I found the wallet of my dreams with Qaf! The quality of the leather and craftsmanship are amazing. Its minimalist design adapts to every style. Its sustainability and environmentally friendly approach is admirable. It is definitely my favorite brand!"

Deniz A.

"Qaf has become a passion for me. I see traces of art in every product. The texture of genuine leather and the attention given to details reveal the originality of the products. I express my style with Qaf!"

Ece S.

"I got first-class quality with Qaf. My leather bag is both stylish and useful. Handmade details add character to the products. I appreciate Qaf's environmentally friendly and durability-oriented approach." 

Melody D.

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