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  • Q - 2321 Leather Belt
  • Q - 2321 Leather Belt

Q - 2321 Leather Belt


Check out our size chart for help in choosing the right size from the photos.This handmade belt is crafted from high-quality, 4cm-wide, and 4mm-thick vegetable-tanned calfskin. It's a stylish and functional gift, perfect for your loved ones, offering long-lasting durability. Each belt is uniquely crafted for you, using vegetal calfskin tanned with natural materials, ensuring lasting quality for years.We hope you enjoy using it!

  • What is Vegetal Leather?

    Vegetal leather represents the most traditional form of tanning, distinguished by a prolonged and intricate production process lasting up to forty days. This process exclusively relies on natural materials like chestnut tree bark, setting it apart from standard leathers. As vegetable-tanned leather is crafted with minimal chemical usage, it minimizes potential health risks, including allergies, and contributes to a reduced environmental impact. Rare in its combination of high quality and environmental friendliness, vegetable tanning follows techniques handed down by master craftsmen over decades.

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