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  • Çapraz Deri Vücut Çantası
  • Çapraz Deri Vücut Çantası

Q – 2306 Leather Crossbody Bag


Ideal for those looking for a practical and stylish solution in daily life, our leather body bag complements you in every sense. Combining elegance and usefulness, this bag will be your reliable style partner. This zippered model meets your needs with its large storage space. Discover the leather body bag to add an elegant touch to your style and combine it with functionality.

​• Our products are hand-sewn from vegetal calfskin, obtained by tanning with vegetable materials, using the traditional saddlery method to last for many years.

 • Adjustable leather strap (you can contact us for strap lengths other than standard sizes) Suitable for cross-body use and for use on the waist if you wish.

 • A main compartment that provides maximum freedom of movement (phone, wallet, keychain, glasses, etc.)

Inside the bag  is a money compartment

 • Bag is unlined.

 • Type 8 YKK zipper Closure.

 • Lenght; 26.5 cm – Height; 14.5 cm. – Widht; 3,5 cm.

 • Leather is a natural product. Each leather has its own textural differences. The scars on the skin, color differences, and unique textures created by thorn and bush marks represent the natural beauty and uniqueness of the leather.

 • The skin should not be exposed to water and chemicals (perfume, deodorant, make-up products, sweat, etc.). It may cause permanent damage to the product.

 • When used correctly, leather will age with you and its beauty will increase as it ages.

 It will be hand produced specifically for you.

Hope you enjoy using it...

  • What is Vegetable Leather?


    Vegetal leather represents the most traditional form of tanning, distinguished by a prolonged and intricate production process lasting up to forty days. This process exclusively relies on natural materials like chestnut tree bark, setting it apart from standard leathers. As vegetable-tanned leather is crafted with minimal chemical usage, it minimizes potential health risks, including allergies, and contributes to a reduced environmental impact. Rare in its combination of high quality and environmental friendliness, vegetable tanning follows techniques handed down by master craftsmen over decades.

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